Therapy – old

It is my experience that people already have the pieces they need to solve their problems. But having all the pieces does not make the puzzle complete.

I work to help clients first identify the pieces they have – the strengths, the weaknesses, and the vision they have for where they want to go. From this place, we work to put things together in a new way to create a more meaningful life.

I practice Integrative Psychotherapy, which borrows effective tools from a number of therapeutic schools of thought and applies them per clients’ individual needs. My main toolkit borrows from Client-Centered Therapy, Existential Therapy, Jungian approaches, Motivational Interviewing, and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy. While there are many ways of working with clients, I believe that common elements exist in each. I am always focused on what is most effective for each person I work with rather than trying to apply a single approach to every problem. I believe this provides clients with the opportunity to receive the best experience possible.

I am also a Motivational Interviewing (MI) trainer. MI an evidence-based practice that helps to support people to move out of the ambivalence they   feel about change and achieve their goals. It works with respect, collaboration and strengthening the client’s autonomy and intrinsic motivation to change.

In the end, I find that the quality of the relationship created through therapy is more important in healing than the nature of the problem or what techniques are used.