Becoming a parent is a wonderful and radical change. While the first weeks and months are often magical, they are also a time of realizations – about the amazing journey that is starting and about just how much time and energy is needed. The reality of the situation becomes apparent fairly quickly, that this gift contains a balance of ease and work, joy and stress.

Keeping that balance is sometimes easy and sometimes requires help. As in so many situations, asking for that help can be difficult. We feel that we should be able to navigate this on our own. As we pour more time into the tasks of parenthood, we have less time to spend with the very people that make up our support system. It can be lonely. Research shows that early parenthood is one of the toughest times of a person’s life.

Therapy can help sort out the often confusing emotions and overwhelm that present themselves. At a time when the child’s needs outweigh one’s own, self-care is even more essential.

As a parent myself, I have had to navigate these waters and feel a strong desire to help others find their way to both success and satisfaction as a parent. While it can be lonely, there is no need to do this alone. Feel free to contact me for a free initial session to discuss your needs.