What I Do

Ten years as a therapist. Ten years in IT. I solve people problems.


Leadership, Management and Communication Consulting for Individuals and Teams


Men's Work, Tech, Depression, Anxiety, Relationships, Addictions and More


Leadership and business are about communication. Communication is about connection. Effective leaders and managers have learned how to connect. You can too.


The move from being in charge to being a leader makes all the difference for a company and its employees. Hone your craft.


Become the boss that people want to work for. Business skills are essential but people skills make the machine run smoothly.


The way we communicate relays more than ideas. It demonstrates the respect we hold for others.

Culture and Retention

Turnover is costly. In today’s market, talent is not easy to come by. Improving culture and retention takes more than a foosball table. Learn how.


Therapy is an exploration of self. It looks at what is and what can be. Asking for help is one of the most powerful things you can do. Let’s get started.

Depression and Anxiety

If you are one of the tens of millions of people each year affected by these disorders, find the help you need. Don’t lose hope. There is a way through.

Men’s Work

Many men feel adrift in today’s world. Lack of meaning, difficulty finding your place in life and a lack of real connection with people takes it toll. Learn how to uncover your authenticity.

The Tech Field

Working in IT presents a unique set of problems for people. Over 50% of people in IT suffer from depression, anxiety and insomnia. And that’s not to mention the stress. Get the help and tools you need to stay in the field you love.


From alcohol and drugs to food to video games and more, dependency looks different than the stereotypes we see in movies. If you find that your habits are more than just habits, reach out. The help you need is available.

About Me

As a therapist with an entrepreneurial spirit, I bring my experience with life, technology and business to my practice.

Nat Coakley

Nat Coakley

Psychotherapist, Leadership Consultant

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The most important part of knowledge, for me, is passing along what I know. Check out the blog for the best of what comes across my desk.

Letting go of resentment

We often talk about letting go as something that we have to “do”. We frame it as a task, an active process. But in the end, letting go is about stopping. It is about doing less, not more. On the other hand, holding on is something we “do”. We run the scenarios in our heads […]

“Chronically Unhappy” or Depressed? 5 Ways to Support Someone Who Is Down

“Chronically Unhappy” or Depressed? 5 Ways to Support Someone Who Is Down I have seen a number of articles recently regarding habits of “chronically unhappy people”. The “habits” outlined in these articles are often things like viewing life as hard, not engaging with other people, seeing what’s wrong more than what’s right, worrying about the […]