About Me

After spending 10 years in the IT world, I realized that the part of the work I liked best was helping people. So I left the field and became a therapist. My first job in the mental health field was co-creating a program for young adults with serious mental illnesses. After three years there, I served as Supervisor for two residential programs and their staff. I eventually went on to spend three years as the Lead Clinician for a program that serves people suffering from serious mental illnesses and substance abuse who were also on probation or in jail. From that position I moved into private practice for psychotherapy and have been doing that since the end of 2013.

At the same time, my love of technology drew me back into that world. I now split my time between my psychotherapy practice and doing freelance writing for tech companies. These two pursuits provide a nice balance in my life. My newest undertaking is in leadership mentoring for tech startups.

Outside of work, I spend time making art, playing guitar and co-parenting my 8-year-old son.